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Posted on 04-24-2017

 Treating Whiplash with Chiropractic Care in Puyallup

Whiplash is a serious neck injury that occurs when the head and neck are forced beyond their normal ranges of motion. This can occur during car accidents at any speed, hard falls or after being tackled while playing sports. Chiropractic care in Puyallup can help alleviate the symptoms of your neck injury and reduce your symptoms naturally.

Whiplash Treatment and Chiropractic Care

Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash sprains and strains all the soft tissues in the neck. In severe cases, it may even cause the cervical vertebrae to become slightly misaligned. These injuries commonly result in moderate to severe headaches, neck stiffness and pain in the neck and upper back. It can also cause blurry vision and sensitivity to light and sound. If a nerve becomes compressed by the neck injury, it can result in shoulder pain and numbness and tingling down one or both arms.

Healing Neck Injuries and Alleviating the Symptoms with our Puyallup Chiropractor

Our Puyallup chiropractor offers noninvasive, drug-free treatments to help heal neck injuries and alleviate the symptoms. Treatment plans usually start with chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments can be performed manually or with the help of an instrument adjusting device. Both methods help push the vertebrae back into their proper positions while increasing circulation around the adjusted vertebra and lowering localized inflammation. This can decrease the pressure on compressed nerves and help alleviate pain. 

Soft tissue therapies such as Graston™ Active Release Technique™. This helps heal injured muscles and tendons.

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Corrective exercises can be used to release overactive muscles and active weak or inhibited muscles bringing balance back to the system. This treatment involves performing targeted exercises and stretches to loosen tight muscles and rebuild lost strength.

To schedule an appointment to have your neck injury assessed and receive a treatment plan, call us at 253-841-5940. We are currently offering free consultations for all new patients.

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